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February 17, 2010
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To the Races by Blackash To the Races by Blackash
This is my entry for :iconaaagh:'s Off-duty FFXI contest.

Everyone has the day off so where better to spend it than the Chocobo Circuit? Whether racing, betting, or watching, it is sure to be a fun filled day. Even the moogles have the day off!

I was always a little sad that chocobo racing fizzled. I love watching the races and wanted to raise a racer. But at least I can show what I had hoped it had turned out like.

I don't even know how many hours I put into this. I hope it shows though! Closeups of parts of the scene can be found here some of you may recognize the models :)

Now to be a nervous wreck :iconscaredplz:

Edit: It's been almost a year so I decided to mess with the colors. No repainting or anything I just added more contrast and vibrancy to it. I actually want to redo this if I get some time :)
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Tori-Fan Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
thanks to the "more like this" tool, or i would have missed this piece, i thought i seen all your art on DA, but missed this oneee

and this is just too awesome and pfiouh so much work, the dynamic and persp effect is so gergous! >0< !
Blackash Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013   General Artist
It's hard to believe this is three years old D: I wish I could do more perspective pieces like this one, something to practice!
Tori-Fan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
you did lot of improvements since but i have feeling you always drawn so well! this impressive! each time i discover a piece of you, wathever it is, drawing, plushie, sculptur, you so impressive, and everything you do so stunning, i know there is lot of work behind and lot of effort though ! ^^
13th-Gear Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
This is phenomenal!
Woodland-Mel Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
I love the perspective in this! Wow!
Blackash Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011   General Artist
Thank you :) perspective is such a difficult thing for me!
Yukinflake Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Coolio; love the viewpoint of this, and the birds are really well done ^^ it looks great :D
Blackash Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011   General Artist
Thank you, I struggle with perspective...among other things.
Yukinflake Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well it looks good :) You're welcome.
birdscribbles Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome work!!! I haven't gone to the circuit yet, but it seems fun ^^

Vana'dielians unite P:
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